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Summary by Year ---48k+Mileage Totals by Year
Summary by Month ---152k+Mileage Totals by Month/Year
Century Ride Summary ---272k+List of Century Rides
2023 0.0000.00127k+current year, eighth full year of retirement
2022 5,201.5113438.82284k+14 centuries, seventh full year of retirement
2021 5,056.8112839.51282k+14 Centuries, sixth full year of retirement
2020 4,478.9111339.64269k+17 centuries, broken left collarbone
2019 4,031.789044.80233k+19 centuries, fourth full year of retirement
2018 4,175.1410141.34243k+15 Centuries, third full year of retirement
2017 6,500.9114146.11566k+28 Centuries, second full year of retirement
2016 5,522.7213142.16254k+20 Centuries, first full year of retirement
2015 5,177.8814535.71261k+14 Centuries, hernia surgery
2014 5,006.2616630.16274k+13 Centuries, hip issues, 50,000 miles
2013 3,671.6115324.00239k+Shin splints
2012 3,402.5411429.85223k+Hernia surgery recovery
2011 3,173.1812425.59225k+Shoulder surgery, 40,000 miles, 2,000 commuter miles
2010 3,652.5011930.69178k+double century
2009 3,023.519830.85147kNew Tandem bike, century both days of MS 150
2008 2,345.497431.70130kHaleakala, MS150, Ride the Rivers Century, 30,000 miles
2007 2,630.658331.69144kNew Trek Fuel 80 mountain bike
2006 2,659.788132.84133k25,000 miles attained
2005 3,040.979631.68149k581 miles with trailer bike, split rides between TREK and KLEIN
2004 3,012.6810129.83155kNew Klein road bike, split rides between TREK and KLEIN
2003 3,079.189233.47145kGITAP Ride Illinois
2002 1,723.376327.36112k1 Century Ride, rides with Kerry
2001 2,535.697533.81119kTOGIR Ride Iowa
2000 1,137.354525.2774kAll rides with Kerry
1999 1,222.452942.1560kFew rides, but long rides
1998 1,166.593335.3555kKerry born
1997 1,328.815623.7379kTuesday night rides, AYH rides
1996 1,027.193727.7639kTuesday night rides, AYH rides
1995 1,612.325429.8644kKatie born, Biking Across Kansas
1994 1,013.234721.5637kTour of Door County WI with Mary and Kelly

I keep a log of all my bicycle rides for grins and for reference. Each log represents a year's worth of bicycle rides. The logs are kept in Micro$oft Excel and webpages generated through Excel. The comments usually indicate what route I took and note anything interesting that might have happened along the way.

The Excel spreadsheet calculates the average speed based upon the distance traveled and the elapsed time of the ride. I have found this result to be more accurate than trusting the average speed calculated by a bicycle computer. I have found that many Bicycle computers have a tendency to round on their average speed calculations which can result in errors greater than 1/10 of a mile per hour.

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